Driving Excellence & Innovation in Security Response

As the world becomes more interconnected and interdependent, the need has arisen for a new, more effective way to respond to global Internet security threats.

The Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet (ICASI) is a forum of trust through which information technology (IT) industry leaders address multi-product security challenges to better protect the IT infrastructures that support the world’s enterprises, governments, and citizens.

The Growing Internet Security Threat
Several trends are contributing to a rapidly evolving threat landscape and presenting new challenges across the global IT infrastructure:
  • Global Internet traffic is growing 40-50 percent per year.
  • Much of this growth is coming from the developing world.
  • As the capabilities of devices increase, the Internet will quickly evolve into the Internet of Everything (IoE).Through the connections in the Internet of Everything, even the smallest things such as mobile devices, thermostats, cars, lights, alarm clocks, and many other "things" are now connected.
  • Internet-based attacks are rapidly increasing in frequency, sophistication, and complexity. Today's cyber attacks are more complex and often difficult to detect, and can target classes of users and "things", gaining access to valuable data and causing significant harm.

All of these trends result in exponential increases in complexity and interdependence that drive a need for a new generation of security response and engineering. ICASI was formed to proactively address this specific need.


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