About Us

Our Mission

The Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet (ICASI) enhances the global security landscape by driving excellence and innovation in security response practices, and by enabling its members to proactively collaborate to analyze, mitigate, and resolve multi-vendor, global security challenges.

A Better Way to Address Today’s Cyber Security Challenges

ICASI is a non-profit forum of trust through which leading vendors address global, multi-product security challenges to better protect the IT infrastructures that support the world’s enterprises, governments, and citizens.

ICASI enhances global IT security by enabling its members to collaborate effectively with stakeholders to drive excellence and innovation in security response, thereby minimizing the impact of security threats.

ICASI was founded on the following four guiding principles:

Customer Security
ICASI members are motivated – above all – by shared commitment to improving customer security. ICASI gives its members the power to work together effectively to analyze, mitigate, and manage multi-vendor security challenges. As an organization composed of global vendors, ICASI is uniquely positioned to address complex, global threats and to bridge differences through a coordinated approach that best serves IT customers.

Agility and Effectiveness
ICASI’s structure and processes were expressly designed to facilitate prompt, coordinated responses to IT security threats. By fostering better collaboration and sharply reducing response times, ICASI can measurably reduce the impact of exploits on users, thereby helping to improve IT security.

Collaboration and Trust
Collaboration and trust are what makes ICASI unique. Because ICASI members conform to a code of conduct that governs their actions, ICASI gives vendors – for the first time – the forum of trust they need to collaborate openly and achieve real results.

Leadership and Innovation
ICASI takes advantage of its members’ industry-leading expertise to innovate processes and practices to enhance IT infrastructure security. ICASI members are committed to contributing their resources and expertise to ICASI’s overall body of knowledge. Through ICASI’s leadership, global IT vendors and their customers are better able to advance security response excellence. ICASI furthers the advancement of the IT industry as a whole by sharing the results of its work through papers and other means.

By acting on these guiding principles, ICASI delivers unprecedented value to the global IT ecosystem by fostering collaboration, reducing risk, mitigating issues and vulnerabilities, and improving security for customers throughout the world.