Phillip Misner, Microsoft – President

Phillip Misner is a Principal Security Group Manager with the Microsoft Security Response Center. He manages the Incident Response and Partner Sharing teams. Those teams are charged with protecting the customers, protecting the brand, and protecting the company through rapid, timely response and partnerships. He has consistently driven the evolution of the response process as the threat environment has changed and Microsoft’s portfolio of products has increased over the years. As a senior leader on the team he works broadly across Microsoft and the industry to better protect and educate customers on topics in security and privacy.
Phillip has worked in the Microsoft Security Response Center for over ten years and a total of sixteen years in the technology industry. Prior to joining MSRC in 2006, he spent six years in product development in the Internet Explorer, Windows, and Developer Divisions.

steinmetz-2Marie Steinmetz, Intel – Treasurer

Marie Steinmetz is Director of Cyber Threat Management and Investigations at Intel. Marie has more than 25 years of experience in the high-tech industry, with over 12 years in Information Security and Risk Management. Marie has managed numerous engineering, operations and security teams within Intel’s product, services and information technology groups. Marie is currently responsible for cyber investigations, threat intelligence and analysis, and public/private partnerships for cyber security information sharing and response. Marie also manages Intel’s Privacy Office, driving privacy risk management and compliance for Intel worldwide. Marie is a Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Privacy Professional/Information Technology (CIPP/IT).

Josh Dembling, IBM 

schollDerrick Scholl, Juniper

Derrick Scholl is the Director of the Security Incident Response Team at Juniper Networks.  During his tenure at Juniper, Derrick and his team have been instrumental in a number of improvements to Juniper security, from advisories to Security Development Lifecyle to training.  With a focus on speed, quality, and transparent communication, Juniper is recognized by customers as a leader in security response.

Prior to joining Juniper, Derrick held security positions at Oracle Corporation and Sun Microsystems.  In 15 years at Sun, 10 in a security role, Derrick built the security coordination team from the ground up and guided the response organization through the transition from a closed to open source environment.

In addition to serving on the ICASI Board, Derrick is a former President and member of the Board of Directors of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST).  He has also been a technical reviewer of multiple security books.  Derrick holds a B.S. in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA degree from Santa Clara University.

smoakKlee Michaelis, Cisco