1506, 2015

ICASI helps drive first F2F of the Vulnerability Coordination SIG

June 15th, 2015|Blog|

This week I’m attending the 2015 FIRST Conference in Berlin ( to co-chair a meeting of the newly chartered Vulnerability Coordination SIG.  This SIG was born out of issues such as Heartbleed, which highlighted the [...]

2306, 2014

ICASI facilitates conversation around Coordination at FIRST

June 23rd, 2014|Blog|

In support of its efforts to facilitate industry-wide conversation around ways to improve vulnerability coordination, ICASI will be hosting two sessions on the topic during this week’sFIRST Conference in Boston. We encourage anyone who will [...]

1309, 2013

Trust. That’s Why.

September 13th, 2013|Blog|

The topic of ICASI arises often when I visit customers or talk with folks from both inside and outside of the computer and telecommunications industries. They typically ask a variety of questions ranging from “What [...]

1706, 2013

Vulnerability Response and Disclosure: One Size Does Not Fit All

June 17th, 2013|Blog|

[Notice: This blog post should not be interpreted in any way as representing the position of any particular ICASI member company, or a formal position statement from ICASI itself.] A recent blog post brought back [...]

3005, 2013

Security Automation Webcast

May 30th, 2013|Blog|

In today's world of near-constant updates and patching, keeping a network up-to-date and secure is no easy task. After all, every time a vendor discloses a security vulnerability, network security administrators must identify affected devices [...]

2005, 2013

BlueHat: An ICASI member benefit

May 20th, 2013|Blog|

One notable perk of ICASI's non-profit forum of trust is that members often invite other members to their usually exclusive internal security conferences. Thanks to ICASI, it's not unusual to see, for instance, some Cisco employee attend Intel's [...]