One notable perk of ICASI’s non-profit forum of trust is that members often invite other members to their usually exclusive internal security conferences. Thanks to ICASI, it’s not unusual to see, for instance, some Cisco employee attend Intel’s annual security conference, or some Oracle folks attend Amazon’s, etc. In fact, many ICASI participants say that these reciprocal internal security conference invitations are among the most cherished benefits ofICASI membership.

Recently a number of ICASI members attended Microsoft’s BlueHat 2012 conference. Organized by Microsoft’s Ecosystem Strategy (EcoStrat) team, the goal of the annual security conference is to educate Microsoft engineers, executives, and invited guests on current and emerging security threats. The conference, then, is an effort to help address security issues in Microsoft products and services to better protect customers.

Microsoft recently released to the public some of the presentations from BlueHat. Their EcoStratteam has also provided a “Guided Tour” document which provides some introduction to the various speakers and their presentations.