ICASI’s Mission:

ICASI enhances the global security landscape by driving excellence and innovation in security response practices; and by enabling its members to proactively collaborate to analyze, mitigate, and resolve multi-stakeholder, global security challenges.

Core of ICASI

  • Multi-Stakeholder Incident Response:
    The Unified Security Incident Response Plan (USIRP) is one of the primary means by which ICASI fulfills its mission of enhancing the global security landscape. Comprising a trusted forum and supporting processes, procedures, and tools, the USIRP enables Security Incident Response Teams (SIRTs) from ICASI member companies to collaborate quickly and effectively to resolve complex, multi-stakeholder Internet security issues.
  • Vulnerability Coordination:
    ICASI is working to drive the industry toward more organized and repeatable approaches to vulnerability coordination. In that quest, it is partnering with other stakeholders and organizations to develop best practices and methods that effectively address the complexities of today’s security landscape.
  • Information Sharing:
    ICASI is a pre-eminent trust forum where members routinely share best practices and exchange protected information around vulnerabilities and mitigations. ICASI’s unique, multilateral non-disclosure agreement (NDA) enables members to collaborate and share critical information openly with one another while protecting each company’s intellectual property.


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