General Membership in ICASI is open to all companies that:

  • Are vendors, manufacturers, or providers of IT, Internet, or e-commerce products, solutions or services — or provide IT-, Internet-, or e-commerce-based services to the public.
  • Are global industry leaders that can affect the changes necessary to protect the global security IT ecosystem.
  • Are committed to participating actively in helping to carry out the ICASI mission and goals.

Benefits of General Members in ICASI are as follows:

  • Point-to-point and multilateral deep sharing of protected information with other ICASI members via the ICASI NDA
  • Full participation in the Unified Security Incident Response Plan (USIRP)
  • Participation in regular cross-member information sharing activities
  • Think Tank Monday – the third Monday of the month
  • Member security conferences
  • Help drive ICASI work in establishing best practices around Vulnerability Coordination
Become a Corporate Member

To learn more about how ICASI can add value to your company, please download our Value Proposition white paper.