The Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet (ICASI) operates as an ecosystem in much the same way that cybersecurity does. Both are infrastructures with critical components that are interconnected. ICASI is a collaborative community connecting experienced industry incident response experts. Our members are global leaders in the cybersecurity realm, innovating secure networks, designing protections for software, and developing secure cloud infrastructures that keep data safe.

ICASI’s unique multi-party non-disclosure agreement (NDA) establishes trust among members, fosters wider sharing of expertise, and enables deeper collaboration. ICASI uses its shared pool of experiences to address wide-reaching vulnerabilities that have broad impact on the cyber community; develops and promotes innovative response and security strategies; and identifies safeguards and best practices for a safer cybersecurity landscape.

Through our trusted system of sharing, ICASI rapidly identifies, responds to, and resolves security risks before threats have the chance to impact the global cyber infrastructure.

ICASI members identify and solve security risks that no single organization can address on its own. We address issues that impact multiple stakeholders, and as a result, work to protect the entire infrastructure of cybersecurity.

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